Don’t just hope for a positive birth experience – prepare for one! 🙂

I have noticed that I am getting a lot of enquiries from Mums-to-be who have previously had a traumatic birth experience and would like to learn how they can have a more positive and empowering experience for their next baby’s birth.

I am also finding that for some first time parents, the concept of ‘birth preparation’ seems unnecessary because they feel birth is unpredictable, births don’t always follow the birth plan, the medical professionals know what they are doing… Whilst those things are true, let’s look at this another way.

hypnobirthing saffron waldenIf you were planning to climb a mountain for the first time, would you first learn some climbing techniques and perhaps practice these techniques before attempting the big climb? Would you plan your way up the mountain and seek support to help you get to the top? Climbing a mountain can be a huge challenge for an inexperienced climber and my guess is you would do something to prepare yourself for this challenge both physically and mentally?

Giving birth can also be hugely challenging both physically and mentally! It is one of the biggest and most memorable things you will ever do in your life and it is not something we get to practice until we actually do it! But you can prepare yourself, become more informed, practice techniques, plan your birth choices and learn everything that your birth partner can do to support you.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme will give you all of the information, techniques and tools you need to feel more empowered and confident and able to stay calm, relaxed and in control during your baby’s birth. You will learn relaxation techniques, information on your birthing choices, birthing positions, practical birth planning, how to prepare your birthing environment and what your birth partner can do to support you on the day. You will learn everything you need to deal with any eventuality and ensure that your baby has the right birth on the day, no matter which path your birthing experience takes.

Another thing to mention is that you don’t usually climb a mountain alone – ideally you would have someone with you or supporting you, guiding you, cheering you on, encouraging you to keep going!

The Wise Hippo hypnobirthing Saffron WaldenThis is where I come in! When you book onto one of my courses you are also booking ME to be there and support you every step of the way as much as you need – and this doesn’t just end when the course ends! I am there to support you however I can up until your baby’s birth and beyond that into parenthood! I am there to meet up for a chat, answer questions, provide information, send you links to the latest research or medical guidelines and signpost you to other services available. I will be there for you helping in any way I can to ensure you have the best possible birth experience!

My aim is to provide the continuity of care throughout your journey from pregnancy to parenthood so that you always have someone to turn to should you need any information, signposting, a space to offload, a hug or just some reassurance that you are not alone in this sometimes overwhelming parenting journey!

No matter how many children you’ve had, if you want to learn how you can prepare yourself for an amazing, empowering, positive birth experience, book a place on my next Wise Hippo Birthing Programme! I promise you I will do EVERYTHNG I can to help you to achieve the birth you want! 🙂

Lots of love and positive birthing thoughts!



hypnobirthing saffron walden 

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