Daisy’s Birth Story by Martha & George (Saffron Walden)

Hi ZoeTestimonial Saffron Walden

We’re thrilled to share that we have a daughter! Daisy Joy was born Wednesday 14th September at 1.21am, weighing 7lb4oz, born in the birthing centre and in the water – 2 weeks before her due date!

I can honestly say that the The Wise Hippo was one of the best decisions George and I have ever made as the labour and birth experience was incredible for us.

Labour started Monday evening (was up all night Monday as they were every 10-5 mins apart through the night) we called the Rosie at 6am and they suggested a bath and to keep an eye for when the contractions were 3 strong in 10 which we were getting close to.

Went in at around 8.15am and was in the poo by about 10am. Was having regular surges for around 29 hours but established labour was only 9.5 hours, which I’m told is good for a first time!

The most amazing thing for me is I managed with no pain relief at all (not even a tens machine as we hadn’t received the pads in the post yet!) and found being in the pool was really helpful and made the surges so much more manageable. I pulled her up to my chest when she was born and it was the most wonderful feeling 😊

I felt in control pretty much the whole way through and George was an AMAZING birth partner. He did not stop the whole time encouraging me, breathing with me, keeping my focus, feeding me, making me drink plenty.. He was unbelievable. The midwives (we had 3 shift changes!!) all told us we were amazing and one said they wished they could have filmed births like ours to show everyone- what a compliment!!!!!

I’m so happy about how the The Wise Hippo sessions have taught and enabled us to approach Daisy’s birth feeling knowledgeable and most importantly – positive! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done in the makings of this.. Must see you soon, I want to tell all about it!! X


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