Danny’s Birth Story by Nikki & Andy (St. Neots, Cambridgeshire)

My First child Mia was born on Christmas day 2009 Via emergency c-section. I had gone to hospital for a scan and before I knew it had been admitted and was being monitored. By the early hours of Christmas morning I was rushed to theatre where my daughter was born at 36 weeks weighing 4lb 14oz.

I never really understood why the c-section was needed despite asking many questions. Mia was small but perfectly normal for her gestation and I’m only tiny myself. I felt robbed of the birth experience. I was then separated from my daughter for more then 24 hours. I struggled to bond with her and breast feeding became too challenging. I felt I had failed at all things motherly right from the start.

Over the next few years we tried to conceive for a long time and were faced with a number of fertility issues we finally fell pregnant in 2014 but I found myself in emergency surgery yet again after my ectopic pregnancy caused massive internal bleeding.

When I finally fell pregnant with Danny I was a nervous mess. I had regular consultant checks and we were monitored very closely due to my medical history. I booked myself in for a c-section on my due date despite being reassured it was not necessary by the doctors. I felt if I made the booking myself I could at least be in control of what I felt was inevitable. Nobody was going to convince me otherwise.

Enter Zoë and the Wise Hippo Army.

From the moment Zoë arrived at my front door I loved her (it may have been the cake she always brought… I like cake). I felt as though I had known her forever and we could talk for hours, I could bare my soul to her, my deepest fears and heart break and she would listen tentatively, she would acknowledge my fear and try to reassure me without ever judging.

Zoë spent the next few weeks teaching me the Wise Hippo way. She taught me to question, to be empowered and to see that my birth did not have to be a medical affair.

Half way through my course I had changed my birth plan entirely and was now hopeful for a natural delivery. My waters broke following a sweep from the midwife and due to my medical history I was ordered straight to the hospital. My surges were slow and steady and I remained calm and relaxed. The midwife was shocked to see I was even experiencing surges as I was so chilled out. Thanks to Zoë, I felt happy to insist I be allowed home. My baby had been checked and all was well, I needed to feel secure and I hate hospitals.

Nikki said she felt euphoric after Danny's birth and would have done it all over again there and then if she could!

Nikki said she felt euphoric after Danny’s birth and would have done it all over again there and then if she could!

Labour progressed nicely and in the early hours of Thursday morning we headed back to the hospital. On arriving at the hospital as expected things slowed down. I was educated to know this was perfectly normal but I was put under a lot of pressure by a number of medical staff to consider a c-section as they had concerns I was not progressing fast enough.

The Wise Hippo taught me to ask questions and in the end I agreed I would try a Syntocin drip along side an epidural to see if we could progress a little faster. With the intervention of a wonderful understanding midwife who helped to reassure and empower me I felt my instincts kicking back in and I instantly began to hum, within an hour I shocked the midwife with the need to push. I had progressed from 2cm to fully dilated in one hour.

I was again ‘threatened’ with intervention if I could not complete delivery within the hour due to my scar tissue from my c-section. I knew I could do this, Wise Hippo told me so. My son was born in 45 minutes, beautiful healthy and without intervention. I can not begin to describe the euphoria I experienced at that moment.

His birth and the following weeks of tranquility helped to heal old wounds from my daughters birth. I felt a divine sense of achievement, a right of passage I had crossed to join a tribe of woman who trust themselves their bodies and their instincts I will be forever grateful to Zoë for teaching me to trust in myself and take control of my birth experience.

I joined Wise Hippo thinking I could relieve the anxiety around my impending c-section. What I got was closure from my previous trauma and the opportunity to face labour without fear , but with knowledge and confidence.

Zoë you are my hero, I am forever in your debt, thank you x


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