Infant Feeding


If you are planning to breastfeed we recommend that you attend a breastfeeding class before you have your baby to help you feel informed and prepared for the beginning of your breastfeeding journey. 

We cover breastfeeding on Class Four of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and I will give you as much information as I can to support you with this, as well as signpost you to ongoing breastfeeding support.

In the last NHS Infant Feeding Survey (2010) the breastfeeding rates across the UK were as follows:

  • At three months, 17% of mothers were breastfeeding exclusively
  • At four months, 12% of mothers were breastfeeding exclusively
  • At six months, 1% of mothers were breastfeeding exclusively 

Often mothers report feelings of disappointment and frustration at not being able to breastfeed their babies for as long as they wanted because of a lack of knowledge and support.

There are many ways that you can access support. I have listed below the local support services available in Saffron Walden as well as links to national and global organisations who provide a lot of useful information and support via their website, telephone, email and peer support.


Local Breastfeeding Support

Saffron Walden Health Visitors: 01799 562928

Saffron Walden Community Midwives: 01279 827103

Bosom Buddies – Breastfeeding Drop In Support Group – Fairycroft Children’s Centre – Wednesdays 10:30-12:00 – 01799 521602

NCT Breastfeeding Support (Saffron Walden) – Hannah Henley: 01799 530272


National Breastfeeding Helplines

The National Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300 100 0212

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Helpline: 0300 330 5453

La Leche League Helpline: 0845 120 2918

Drugs In Breastmilk Helpline: 0844 412 4665.


Breastfeeding Websites


La Leche League

The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers


The Breastfeeding Network

The World Health Organisation



Downloadable Breastfeeding Guides

Breastfeeding and breastmilk – a simple guide

Eating well for new mums including information for breastfeeding mothers


Articles on Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in the Land of Ghengis Khan 



Formula feeding

If you are formula feeding your baby, the below guides provide useful information on how to make up formula safely, feeding responsively and choosing which formula to use.

It is important to be aware of which organisations provide independent infant feeding advice so that you are receiving the most reliable, factual and unbiased information when it comes to choosing how to feed your baby. At the bottom of the page is a list of these independent organisations for your reference, taken from the First Steps Nutrition Trust’s report on “Websites and organisations that are funded by the formula milk industry”


Guides to Formula Feeding

NHS guide to bottle feeding

How to choose your infant formula, and tips on how to bottle feed responsively, so as to build up a close and loving relationship with your baby.

Infant milks: A simple guide to infant formula, follow on formula and other infant milks (February 2016)


Independent information about breastfeeding, infant formula and infant and child nutrition is available from the following organisations and websites:

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Best Beginnings

Breastfeeding Network

Feedgood Factor

First Steps Nutrition Trust

Healthy Start

Healthy Start Alliance


Lactation Consultants GB

La Leche League

Midwives Information and Resource Service


NHS Choices and NHS Information Line

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Royal College Midwives


National Childbirth Trust

UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative

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