Max’s birth story by Laura & Nick (Stansted)


We went for a walk with the dog at about 4:30pm on Tuesday 13th September and I had a few mild contractions along the way, I thought nothing of it as I was able to walk and talk through them.

By 6pm they were coming every 5mins and I couldn’t talk through them. I had dinner, started getting my eldest ready for bed and called the birth centre and my mum to look after my son. The birth centre said to come up and we got there at about 7:30pm. The contractions had slowed right down in the car and I thought they’d send us home so we went for a short walk once we parked up to see if things would get going.

Once I was walking around they started up again every 4 minutes and getting stronger. I got myself comfortable on the birth ball and breathed through the contractions.

I got in the pool at about 10pm and started pushing not long afterwards. Once pushing I had such a sense of calm and joy come over me, feeling my baby move with every push. I started smiling and laughing (Nick thought I’d lost the plot!), it was a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately once Max’s head was delivered, his shoulder got stuck so I had to get out of the pool. The room filled with midwives and paediatricians and somebody came running in with a baby crash cart which was quite scary. Nick kept me on track with breathing and focusing on Max and once moved to the bed he was born with one push and put straight on my chest for a few minutes before being taken to be checked over.

He was back with me a few minutes later in perfect health. In spite of a short period of panic, it was such a wonderful experience. I loved being able to focus on feeling everything by breathing and staying relaxed. Max was born at 11:15pm and is doing really well 🙂



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